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Natural Plant Ingredients & Olive Oil Based



Marc Lois's Turkish Rose Hand Cream is a floral-scented hand cream for normal skin. With moisturizing Shea butter, vitamin E and olive oil, this luxurious hand cream absorbs quickly to leave hands feeling soft, smooth and nourished. Enriched with one of its main moisturizing ingredients is vegetable glycerin, a humectant that draws moisture from the atmosphere to hydrate and soften the skin.


This non-greasy and deeply hydrating hand cream will help to increase moisture levels in your hands and boost skin elasticity. You may want to keep a bottle in the kitchen for your hands after doing dishes or in the bathroom after a quick wash-up. Put some in the spare bathroom for guests. There are dozens of uses when you think about all the ways it can be applied to make your skin moist, supple, and sweet smelling.


Youth In Your Hands

Marc Lois's hand wash gel uses olive oil as its base and further enriched by pure essential oil. Marc Lois Olive Oil Hand Wash protects every inch of your skin. It is custom made to clean and moisturize your skin, keeping your hands hydrate all day long.

The high antioxidant and the antibacterial properties of Premium Hands Care Series provide total protection to your skin while leaving a pleasant scent after wash.