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Never have we been more aware of the importance of personal hygiene, now more so than ever in the new norm of face masks and hand sanitizers.  However, the application of personal hygiene products to our skin often results in dry wrinkled skin due to a lack of moisture to our skin. Marc Lois’s wide range of personal care products from hand soap to sanitizer and more, aims to remedy this need for our skin care.


Made only of plant-based ingredients and pure essential oils, Marc Lois’s personal care collection offers the means to enhance your hygiene routine while nourishing your skin with the right balance of much needed moisture and nutrients.

Forest Trees


Flowers and Hand

Hand Care Series

Clean and Moisturise Your Hands

Body Conscious

Body Care Series

Shower Yourself with Self Love

Woman in White Blouse

Hair Care Series

Locks of Health, Beauty and Vigor


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