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Best Fragrance in Malaysia, formulated by The Winner of Paris New Luxury Awards

All Over Body Spray formulated by The Winner of Paris New Luxury Awards (IPF Awards for Sustainable Perfumes)

We all love perfumes, especially women. We just love to splash some good smell at home, in the office and we truly value a nice smell in the ambience and in ourselves.

For those looking for a long-lasting fragrance from the moment they step out of their morning shower, then Marc Lois body sprays are a brilliant option. They are a lighter formula designed to be misted all over the body so you can waft gorgeousness everywhere you go, without it being overpowering.

These are both very newly launched by Marc Lois All Over Body Sprays formulated by The Winner of Paris New Luxury Awards IPF Awards for Sustainable Perfumes. Marc Lois All Over Body Sprays range is amazing because the aerosol format makes them so cooling.

Sicilian Summer All Over Body Spray

This Eau De Toilette captures the elegant scents of summer in Italy, emerging the sweetness of Bergamot and the freshness of Sicilian Lemon. Breathe in the refreshing sensation of the sea and smoky wood amidst its tones. Through our Sicilian Summer, be ready to feel the sun, relaxation and pleasure of a warm summer day in Italy.

Top Note: Bergamot Italy, Sicilian Lemon, Lime.

Middle Note: Sea Note, Sea Salt, Clean Wood.

Base Note: Amber, Sandalwood, Musk.

80ML / 2.70 OZ


Scarlet Vanilla All Over Body Spray

From the essence of opulent florals to sweet berries, our latest Eau De Toilette evokes emotions of seductiveness and excitement. Rich vanilla and sexy white musk add a hint of sweet decadence while a burst of cotton candy sweetness and juicy raspberry draws you into this delectable scent. Charming and inviting, our Scarlet Vanilla is indeed a masterpiece that represents the state-of-art perfumery technology.

Top Note: Berry, Prune.

Middle Note: Cotton Candy, White Flora Note, Raspberry.

Base Note: White Musk, Vanilla Bean.

80ML / 2.70 OZ



Authenticity | Modernity | Exclusivity

Drawing inspiration from contemporary culture, fashion and the floral scents of Mother Nature herself, Marc Lois embodies luxurious lifestyle with the intention to improve lives. Through the essence of plants and fruits from all over the world, we have designed our products to amplify these ingredients for your senses and wellbeing.

Due to our strategical location in Malaysia, we have access to the rawest materials from the East and the West. The natural essences of these ingredients are then extracted in the shortest possible timeframe to ensure quality and freshness in a bottle.

Available worldwide, the Marc Lois fragrance range aims to uplift your scents and invigorate your feelings. Every ingredient in our products is carefully handpicked and curated to ensure that you experience a world of wonder and deep relaxation.


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