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Benefits Of Using Essential Oils Hand & Body Sanitizer During Covid-19

Dual Purpose: Sanitize & Moisturize - MARC LOIS

Germs are always around us — from our car key to your office doorknob. With the current pandemic, the campaign for handwashing and the use of hand sanitizers has reached an all-time peak.

WHO (World Health Organization) recommends regular handwashing with soap and flowing water. This, they say, reduces germs and chemicals on our hands, and, in turn, curbs further spread. However, where the regular wash is unattainable, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer — with not less than 60% alcohol concentration — is your next best option.

If you want a hand sanitizing product that is truly effective for regular use, Marc Lois Hand & Body Sanitizer is your best option. Marc Lois offers the appropriate combination of ingredients that will leave your skin balanced and protected. With the inclusion of high-quality replenishing botanicals and cleansing essential oils.

No doubt, hand sanitizers play a key role in the battle against germs. Their extremely convenient compact size makes it suitable for on-the-go usage.

Our Essential Oils hand sanitizer has been specially formulated to provide an uplifting and nourishing experience.

The key difference between our hand sanitizer and most of the varieties you are likely to find in your local supermarket, is that our product contains high-quality essential oils as well as an array of other plant-based ingredients that come together to provide greater benefits than simple germ-fighting capabilities.


The inclusion of essential oils makes a whole lot of difference. They not only combat germs, but they also offer users aroma therapeutic benefits.


Of course, this is the key ingredient in all alcohol-based sanitizers. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends sanitizers with not less than 60% alcohol content for effective disinfecting and germ/virus elimination.


In hand sanitizer, it’s aloe vera’s soothing qualities that are important. Adding Aloe Vera gel to hand sanitizer provides moisture and nourishment to help balance the harsh drying effects of alcohol. It also has the added benefit of helping your alcohol last longer, which means you can use the same ingredients to kill more germs.


Essential oils are the high point of many hand sanitizers. They support the alcohol's germs-fighting mission, offering antiseptic, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. Even more, these essential oil helps restore the lost moisture and nutrients and, as well, leave your hand smelling fresh.


Vitamin E products are your choicest skincare option. This ingredient helps restore the skin's lost moisture and replenishes the skin's nutrients.

Formulated For: Purifying during cold & flu season!

  1. Lemon Verbena & Bergamot Essential Oils - Uplifting & Awakening; cleansing and purifying

  2. Lavender & Rosemary Essential Oils - soothes stress; cleansing and clarifying

  3. Black Tea & Clary Sage Essential Oils - Energizing; cleansing and clarifying

Having a truly effective hand sanitizer in your home, in the office, and on the go is more important than ever. Rather than drying out or damaging your skin with the same old products, take a look at our Essential Oils Hand & Body Sanitizer and you will immediately notice the difference when it comes to the ingredients and experience!



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Drawing inspiration from contemporary culture, fashion and the floral scents of Mother Nature herself, Marc Lois embodies luxurious lifestyle with the intention to improve lives. Through the essence of plants and fruits from all over the world, we have designed our products to amplify these ingredients for your senses and wellbeing.

Due to our strategical location in Malaysia, we have access to the rawest materials from the East and the West. The natural essences of these ingredients are then extracted in the shortest possible timeframe to ensure quality and freshness in a bottle.

Available worldwide, the Marc Lois fragrance range aims to uplift your scents and invigorate your feelings. Every ingredient in our products is carefully handpicked and curated to ensure that you experience a world of wonder and deep relaxation.


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