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Luxury Candles To Elevate Your Home - Marc Lois

Luxury Candles

Opulence Scents That Feed Your Senses

When it comes to luxury, Marc Lois’s candles are the definitive example. Beautifully designed scents and formulated by The Winner of Paris New Luxury Awards, IPF Awards for Sustainable Perfumes.

If you want a candle that throws its scent well beyond the room that it is burning in, Marc Lois is your best choice. Marc Lois candles are known for their beautiful packaging and the metal lid keeps your candle from getting dusty, crafted with care and love, each candle has been designed to transport you to your most precious memories through the art of smell.

Most importantly, these candles are just really pretty, and you deserve to treat yourself to one (or three!) to make your home feel that much cozier. Here we’ve handpicked our favourite luxury scents every candle addict to should have in their collection.


Oakmoss & Orange Blossom

Indulge yourself in the sweet and soapy citrus notes that remind you of the smell of blooms, leading you to a relaxed and contented state.

A seductive blend of orange blossom, bergamot, oak moss, musk fragrance and ocean fragrance oil will add some sexy ambiance to just about any setting. It has a 45-hour burn time.

Envelop yourself in the soft floral scent of Oakmoss and Orange Blossom, this candle by Marc Lois is the perfect fragrance to make your space feel luxuriously warm.

Candle Fragrance Notes

Ocean Fragrance Oil Natural Soywax Bergamot Oil Orange Blossom Fragrance Musk Fragrance Oak Moss Fiq Fragrance Yellow Beeswax Soywax Additive


Oud & Frankincense

A seductive scent that warms your heart with its woody and balsamic notes. There’s almost no turning back when you get accustomed to the velvety spiciness of Oud.

An uplifting and sophisticated scent, the fragrance is richly fragranced with frankincense, oud and nutmeg oils. This is a modern masculine scent, perfect for making any space feel more dignified and luxurious.

You can light them throughout the house most evenings to set the mood.

Candle Fragrance Notes

Soywax Additive Nutmeg Fragrance Oil Oud Fragrance Oil Natural Soywax Yellow Beeswax Frankincense Fragrance Oil



A beautiful sexy floral aroma that stimulates your senses with its bold and distinctive floral notes. The attractive scent is so omnipotent that it can fill every corner of your rooms and last for days, it makes the perfect touch to just about any living space.

Marc Lois makes a gorgeous candle that releases a blend of Tuberose and Musk Fragrance Oil and more. Tubéreuse scents designed to complement any space, making it feel happy, cosy and relaxed.

If you're looking for a self-care gift for friends (or yourself!) this luxury scented candle is a winner.

Candle Fragrance Notes

Musk Fragrance Oil Soywax Additive Tuberose Fragrance Oil Natural Soywax Yellow Beeswax


What better way to bring warmth to your home than with a beautiful scented candle? Whether you're looking for a gift for your lover, pampering your parents with a little aromatherapy, or hoping to find a fragrance that will help you relax after a long day—returning home to a soothing scented candle makes everything brighter. Marc Lois luxury scented candles is your best choice for your home - plus the quote jar is reusable once you finish the candle.

Buy one for all the boss ladies in your life—including yourself!


Authenticity | Modernity | Exclusivity

Drawing inspiration from contemporary culture, fashion and the floral scents of Mother Nature herself, Marc Lois embodies luxurious lifestyle with the intention to improve lives. Through the essence of plants and fruits from all over the world, we have designed our products to amplify these ingredients for your senses and wellbeing.

Due to our strategical location in Malaysia, we have access to the rawest materials from the East and the West. The natural essences of these ingredients are then extracted in the shortest possible timeframe to ensure quality and freshness in a bottle.

Available worldwide, the Marc Lois fragrance range aims to uplift your scents and invigorate your feelings. Every ingredient in our products is carefully handpicked and curated to ensure that you experience a world of wonder and deep relaxation.


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